Yes, my hair is ridiculously bright red at the moment. What fun!

Hello! My name is Cynthia, and I’m a geek!

I was raised on science fiction television and books. I am an avid reader and a role playing gamer.

Not only that, but I am a crazy crafter. Ever since I was little, I’ve tried my hand at all sorts of crafts. Most often these days, I make jewelry and costumes. As a job, I combine my love of both crafts and my geeky tendencies to make jewelry out of salvaged game pieces, books, and comics which I sell at sci-fi conventions and craft shows around the country. Plus, I can be found at renaissance faires and other events with my handmade cloaks and leatherwork. So many entertaining things to wear!

So, join me as I write about my adventures with geekdom, geeky business, and crafts. Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I noticed you were completing a needlepoint of “I cannot live without books”. Are you interested in selling the completed needlepoint? I would be interested in purchasing it.

  2. Unfortunately it takes me way too long to complete a cross stitch to be able to price a completed one anywhere near what someone would pay. 🙂 You can find the kits through the Colonial Williamsburg online store if you’re interested in making one yourself, though.

    Thanks for the interest!

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