Dragon Con 2016

Still catching up on events from this year, here is one of my usual favorites – Dragon Con!


We did the math and figured out that this was my 15th year at Dragon Con. That also makes this the 15th anniversary of my first professional art sales. Wow! Yes, my first sales were at the Dragon Con art show while I was still in college. I eventually moved on to the artist’s bazaar, then the dealer’s room.

This year was my best in the dealer’s room by nearly double my previous best. Apparently I have hit on a good niche for this show. And I revised the display again – this time, I took my little one table space and went vertical.


So, how do we fit bigger inventory in a 6 foot area? Go up! This seemed to do a good job at catching people’s attention.

It was just Mark and I this year, which made time in the dealer’s room a little crazy – I usually have more help. But it also meant we had some great time with the night life. We stayed in a hotel right by the convention for the first time in several years, and really felt like we were a part of things again.


Awesome view from our hotel! We stayed at the opposite side from usual – less crazy crowds, excellent dealer’s area access.


Nighttime panels – Classic cocktails with the Steampunk track!


Awesome welcoming festive banners were everywhere. And, of course, the crowds.

But the highlight of Dragon Con is always the amazing costumes! Here are some highlights from my evening wanderings:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve already got costumes in mind for next year. Looking forward to another amazing year!


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