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Costume Sunday: Steampunk Costume Medic

After Steampunk Frederick, I decided I wanted to do something with my steampunk costume. Not just wear my various steampunk bits and pieces – and I certainly have collected a few over the years – but have a complete themed outfit. Then I saw a hat a jewelry vendor had, with a brim of test tubes full of beads, and I had an idea.

Since we regularly advertise that we’ll do costume repairs at our booth anyway, I decided to put together a steampunk costume medic set of accessories.

First an easy step, the hat –


I already had the bowler, but I made it a new brim. It fits a few large pens and a bunch of small, and I filled it with Sharpies. Then I added a hand tooled leather hat flag.


The tool bag was my biggest project. The front pocket has a reinforced sleeve for scissors, and there are two more sleeves in the main pocket. It’s nice and deep to hold lots of supplies, and has straps to hang it from a belt. They can be switched out for a shoulder strap if that is more comfortable. Green and black are the colors of a lot of the steampunk stuff I already had, so it goes with nicely. And hand tooled – fun with tentacles!


There are a few variants of tailor’s gauntlets out there, but this one is my tool gauntlets. Pockets for three mini jewelry pliers!


Added to that, my own tailor’s gauntlet and a baldric of many mini thread spools and a lot of safety pins.


All done! Added on the belt as well are three small vials with jewelry findings and a chain with duct tape, wire, and cord. Wore this all around Dragon Con for a day. Didn’t have a lot of takers on the repairs, but it was fun and got great reactions.


3 thoughts on “Costume Sunday: Steampunk Costume Medic

  1. I think this is a super cool idea! Makes me want to have a “jewelry maker” costume. 🙂 I am one person you helped at Dragon Con during set up. 🙂

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