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Awesome Con 2016 – Still Awesome!

I love having a convention as fun and successful as Awesome Con within easy commute of home. I have been a vendor since its first year, and it’s been amazing to see it grow.

This year, just about every vendor I spoke to was happy with the crowds and their sales. It was an excellent show, and in my case needed after a couple of lackluster weeks. It always feels nice when you have a good show – as a handmade craftperson, it is a boost in confidence when people like your work and pay you for it.


I really like how this one table display worked. The waist cincher display took a lot of space, but got a lot of attention. I’m definitely doing a similar display for this year’s Dragon Con.


The masks were a huge hit this year – the cylinder displays work great.


One of my masks, as just the right finishing touch for Batgirl!


Mark had a great convention wander as Kingpin.


Happy little heroes with their new masks!


She was adorable, and insisted I take a picture of her super kitty as well. I love small fans!


Here’s a different view than most people see – the convention breakdown at the end of the night. Honestly, my only criticism with this event is load out. But as all things go, that’s minor!


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