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Virginia Renaissance Faire 2016 Wrap-Up

Wyrd Armouries

One of the challenges of doing faires and festivals is weather. It is completely out of your control, but your sales can depend on it. It can make a show vary a lot from year to year. So this year, five weekends and only one of them without rain… well, it did not make for a great Virginia Renaissance Faire this year.

We still love our small-ish state renaissance faire. We made great new friends and had a lot of fun. Hopefully next year the weather will be with us again.

20160508_094657 First weekend – Sunny day, but just after ten straight days of rain. Mud certainly made set up interesting.

20160508_103427 Our new sign! Finally got a good booth sign made.

20160508_103443 Fun and colorful for opening weekend.

20160508_103457 One of the best things about being a vendor is seeing old friends.

20160521_123349 Next weekend, more rain and mud. Did the best we could…

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