Costuming / Custom Orders

Making Custom Work

Yes, I like making things custom for people. I like the challenge of it, the new materials I end up working in, and the new techniques I push myself towards. It takes me out of my comfort zone and inspires me for new projects.

Here are a couple of interesting custom projects that I’ve made for people in the last year.


This store bought cloak was warm, but the outside material looked and felt cheap. So I was asked to do a new outside layer to match the quilted purple inside. And since the owner is a leather worker, she wanted leather details.


A navy microsuede layer was added, with a soft leather shoulder detail and tooled leather clasp.


Close up of the leather tooling. These clasps have now become an item I am making for other people’s cloaks.


And experimenting with sewing thin leather.


This custom pelt cape was made for a Princess Mononoke cosplay. She picked the material, wanting a more natural look.


There are magnets under the front tabs so it can be attached to the costume shirt, and there are hidden elastic arm loops to best get the cartoon look.


From the back, the full hood and luscious long fir. This nice faux fur was a delight to work with – if a bit time consuming to not catch the ends of the hairs in my stitching.


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