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After Show Report: Madicon 2016

First of the Show Report catch up – enjoy Wyrd Armouries’ time at Madicon this year!

Wyrd Armouries

Well, I’m definitely a bit behind on sharing our awesome show stories, but we’re in a good catch up time, so here we go!

Madicon is a fun little convention at James Madison University every March. It is one of the smallest events we do, but it’s great for getting our year rolling. Plus, we get to reunite with a bunch of vendor neighbors we meet over the year.

This year they expanded the vendors a bit. I’m not sure how that did for others as far as sales, but I liked the feel of the newly set up room. We did nicely, but partially that’s from a lot having been learned working as hard as we have over the last year.

So, without further ado, enjoy some photos from March’s Madicon!

20160311_150748 We got a table on the end, so I was able to bring my nice new rolling rack…

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