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Skills We Learn at Summer Camp, or Here’s What I’ve Been Up to Lately

IMG_20160417_160717Today, as I am recovering from a flurry of shows and enjoying some time to regroup and restock, a thought occurred to me… I should really, really update my blog.

So hi! Some of you know I’m still around, because I’ve gotten awesome greetings at shows lately. But for those of you who only see me online, that’s why I have not posted so much. I just finished a run of five weekends with seven shows, and no, I can’t actually be in two places at once, but my stuff can! It has been one hell of a ride, and an amazing year.

Just a bit over a year ago, I went through one of those wild changes that sometimes hit artists. I was still loving making my things, but frustrated. I was trying to expand and hitting walls from show organizers of “we already have a jewelry vendor.” I was going to shows and being one of five jewelry artists and competing for one pool of women’s necks and wrists. And then, at one show, I had a crazy moment: “Hey, I loved doing leather work at summer camp. Why didn’t I keep up with it?”

First, that is not as crazy as it sounds – I went to the same summer camp for ten years as a kid, spent most of my time either on the stage or in the arts and crafts building, and ended my last year as a dance and crafts counselor.

Second, the reason was actually financial and access – I did not have the tools of my own. But things had been going well enough that I could actually buy my own tools. So, a year ago in April, that’s what I did.

You’ve seen the work trickle through on this blog. I’ve gone from showing the first prototypes, to awesome custom projects. And all along, my skills have gotten better. I’ve refreshed old techniques, learned new techniques, and refined my construction skills. And I am happy to say, the new products have really taken off.

So hence, I’ve been busy. Busy selling at shows, busy creating inventory, and busy replacing the inventory that sells. But over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to have fun catching you all up on the craziness that Wyrd and Wired, Wyrd Armouries, and I have been up to.

Until then, here is an awesome look comparing the difference one year makes:

AwesomeCon, May 2015


Mark watches my eclectic table while I get a nice photo of our new and improved space. I’m thinking of changing up colors a bit again.

And now, June 2016…


A whole lot more – and better – leather, but it’s still me! And nope, I have not changed my display colors that much. Just mixing in some more natural tones.


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