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Support My (Future) Local Game Store

funandgamesMany crafty geeks know the local game store is a dying breed. The one nearest me has been around for years, with a lot of the same unmoving old inventory. The one near my brother recently had to close its doors. But when they work, and when they stick around, game stores are a wonderful center of geeky community. They introduce gamers to new games, and gamers to each other.

Above all else, they are a whole lot of fun.

In that spirit, I want to introduce you to All Fun and Games. They are a new store in Virginia looking to open by the end of the year. And this excerpt from their fundraising page should help you understand why I really want to see them get off the ground:

“…we LOVE college aged gamer-guys…but we also love…..women!  And families!  And retirees!  And small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri!  We want to create a game store that appeals to EVERYONE.

To that end, we’ll carry not only board games, card games and classics such as chess, checkers and cribbage, BUT, we’ll also carry life sized chess pieces (think 6 feet for the king!,) handmade game themed jewelry (earrings with dice, monopoly houses, awesome playing card necklaces,) and game themed ties and cufflinks for the guys.

In addition, we’ve enlisted local craftsmen to make handmade game themed furniture such as dice end tables, giant domino coffee tables, and upcycled chairs and loveseats reupholstered with cool game motifs.  Great for the game room, living room and dorm room!  We have 14 different artists that are both local and from around the country (and one from Brighton, UK!) who have agreed to work with us on the “other than actual game” items such as upcycled game board notebooks, giant scrabble sets for the backyard and the above mentioned jewelry.”

Yes, I am one of the artists that is happy to be working with them. Elizabeth found me on Etsy several months back, and I’ve loved talking to her as their plan gets closer to completion. But even if I was not already on board to be one of their artists, I love the idea of a store combining board games and unique handmade things inspired by them. This store hits very close to my crafty geek heart.

Plus, it turns out they’re looking at places near this crafty geek’s home! So please, take a moment and spare a couple of dollars to help this game store dream become a reality.

Their Indigogo fundraising campaign can be found here:–2#/story


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