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Costume Sunday: Ghost Cloak

whitecloak-frontWhen you are a LARPer, you spend your free time essentially playing pretend. Whether it’s a high fantasy setting, horror or modern, you and the people you play with are pretending you are something you are not. A lot of it you can accomplish with make-up. Elf ears, vampire fangs, these are very doable.

But there is an interesting problem when your character can do something that is not at all humanly possible. We can not shapeshift or disappear. Common practice in these cases are the use of hand signals and badges indicating other states. I like to go a step further and make it really obvious.

My most recent character has been kiddingly called the “sometimes dead girl,” and she spends more time than she would like outside of her body as a ghost. When the ST pointed out during character creation that I should come up with a good indicator for when she is outside her body, I ran a little amok.

I remembered that I still had a roll of sheer white material I had never used that were once going to become craft show booth curtains. Instead, they became an amazingly flowy sheer cloak.


The cloak is full length with a deep hood. It essentially is two full circle cloaks. The bottom one goes to the floor. The top one if sort of a long mantle, shorter in the front and longer in the back. I finished the edges with bias tape so the sheer seems would not look odd, and to give a tiny bit of structure to all of the flowiness. Finally a white frog for closure, and now I can throw this on over my outfit at game whenever she dies… again.whitecloak-back

Now, to work on keeping cat hair off of all of this white…

(Side note, I loved the finished product enough I plan on having them available for sale, once I price out the colors I can get the material in.)


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