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Show Report: College of Southern Maryland Renaissance Festival

Another show report from joint booth land! Originally published at Wyrd Armouries, here’s how our second year at College of Southern Maryland went!

Wyrd Armouries

This was the third year of the College of Southern Maryland Renaissance Festival, and our second year as vendors. It’s a tiny show, but we love it. This faire is thrown by the theater department of the College of Southern Maryland, on the front lawn of their performing arts building. Each year the faire centers around multiple performances of a period appropriate play – this year, it was Midsummer Night’s Dream.

20150425_150006 Nathaniel the corsair threatens to stab me with a tiny knife, while wishing he had waited a week to shave his hair off. Cold!

We showed up on a cold Saturday, threatening rain. A boon for my cloak sales, but not all that fun to sit in. Still, people were out and about, having fun. The local chapter of the SCA joined in this year, teaching, giving demos, and otherwise adding to the faire feel with their presence. Everything…

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