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Tutorial: Mother Nature Makeup

sarah1Greetings to everyone who has recently found my blog from my Packing Tape Ghost tutorial! I know I’m not the most frequent of blog posters, but I’m always busy making new things, especially near Halloween. So, I thought you all might enjoy this easy but dramatic make up.

I actually made this for a LARP (live action role playing) character, so part of the idea was getting a nature witch look that could be applied and removed easily and repeatedly. It would work great for a Mother Nature, Dryad, Wood Nymph, or other nature based creature. It would look lovely in fall colors as well.

Floral Accessory Supplies:

  • One long vine fake floral bush with multiple strands
  • 2 broad leaf fake floral stems
  • 2 small bloom cluster fake flower stems
  • Soft broad ribbon
  • Hair clips
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Wire cutters

Make Up Supplies:

  • Mehron liquid make up Green
  • Mehron liquid make up Ogre Green
  • Green lipstick
  • Green liquid eye shadow
  • Setting powder
  • (Optional for scar) rigid collodion

sarah2The main part of what makes this makeup are six hair clips, a choker necklace, and a shoulder piece. There are three hair clips with long trailing vines, and three without.

Start by using wire snips to cuts leaves, flowers, and long vine pieces from the plastic stems.

To make the hair clips, start with one large leaf and one smaller lead and hot glue them together with a little overlap. For the long vine ones, glue a trailing vine piece to the middle back of the leaves. Add a flower and one of the smaller leaves from the floral stems to the front of the leaves. Finally, glue the hair clip to the back. Be sure to not go too nuts with the glue on the hair clip, so that it can still bend and open.

The shoulder piece is made the same way, but with no clip. A clip could be added to secure it on top of a shoulder strap, or you can do what I did and use spirit gum to help hold it in place.

The necklace is made on a ribbon base. Simply cut a length of ribbon long enough to tie around your neck. Mark on the ribbon your actual neck circumference, so you don’t accidentally forget to leave enough bare ribbon to tie it on. Once again, start with large broad leaves, overlapping them slightly and hot gluing them to the ribbon. Do this with spots of glue, not lines, so the ribbon remains flexible. Add one of the vine pieces, off center, and then embellish as you desire with smaller leaves and flowers.

20141005_153837Makeup Application

If you plan to include a wig, like I did, start by securing your hair under your wig cap before you apply any makeup. If you don’t wear a wig, I suggest playing with hair styles a big until you find one that the hair clips will hold in easily, as the long ones are a bit heavy.

Start with the lighter color green in a sort of “mask” around your eyes. Highlight as well along the jaw line and down onto your neck, plus anywhere else you want a subtle green tint.

Next, with the darker green dab in at the hairline and down. Dabbing it will allow it to blend more evenly, and not smear the lighter color already there. Don’t over do it – one of the things I love about this liquid makeup is it allows some of your skin tone to show through, looking more natural. Bring the dark green down along the side of the face and onto the cheekbones. If your ears or back of your neck show, make sure to get them, too.

Use a contrasting green eyeshadow of your choice for contrast around the eyes. Green lipstick finishes the makeup base. The character I was playing has a distinctive scar across her eye, so to add the scar I brushed on a couple layers of rigid collodion above and below the eye. When this dries, it puckers the skin around it, giving a realistic scar look. This was highlighted with some of the dark green, brushed into the pucker once it was dry.

Finally, so that you don’t smear green around all night, add a generous coat of powder over the top. This is a huge help in making your makeup last.

sarah3Accessories and Hair Styling

Before you start with the hair, put on the shoulder piece and the choker. Believe me, it is way easier to do this now than to accidentally tie it into your hair later. Yes, I have done that. Ow. The neck piece should be slightly on top of the shoulder piece, so they look like they flow from one to the other.

Next, put on and secure your wig if you are using one. A great thing about these hair clips is that they will hide the fake hairline that’s so obvious in some wigs. Start with one of the long clips, at near the top center of your hair. Pin the trailing vine back into your hair style to help support it. Then add the other two long clips close together to one side of it. Pin each of these vines into your hair as you desire as well. It doesn’t have to be neat – nature isn’t perfect!

Clip in the small clips working down the other side of your hairline. When this is done, it’ll almost be like a floral crown, with vines trailing down the back on one side.

The total application time for me the first time I wore this was 45 minutes, but it’ll probably take 30 minutes to repeat.

Pair it with a green or brown dress, and it’s a simple but striking nature based costume.


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