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Finding the Time

113Up until three months ago, like many crafters and artists I was trying to squeeze in what I love to do in the limited time where I was not in an office earning a “normal” paycheck. Even though my time was limited, this never seemed really tight or stressful to me. Being creative is what I love to do. I always felt better when I came home after a long day of work and successfully made something that was all mine. My idea, my work, my project sitting complete in front of me. There is something very satisfying about completing something with your own hands.

I used to regularly get the question “how do you have the time?” And the question was actually a little hard to answer. It was never a matter of making the time. It was using what time there is. There is actually so much time. You would not believe (or maybe you would) the number of projects I have completed sitting in front of the television. I don’t like hanging out and not in some way being productive. Chatting with friends in the living room? I’m probably wrapping bails on dice earrings. Playing Dungeons and Dragons? I’m probably sewing at the same time. If you really love what you are doing, you find ways to make the time.

Which is not to say I excel at time management. Having a more open schedule now, it’s actually a bit harder to sit down and work. It’s really easy to procrastinate. But then I have to remind myself – there is nothing quite like the feeling of completing a project.

I keep working for those wonderful moments of creative inspiration and satisfaction in a job well done.


3 thoughts on “Finding the Time

      • gareth is incredibly houseproud, and every now and then goes a bit drama queen at me. luckily we have separate houses, so at his my sewing stuff is contained in one room, but at least once a year he threatens to come and clean my house, I always ward him off because I fear audience participation would be required, and point out that my bathroom and kitchen are always clean, even if the rest of the house has neatly stacked piles of books and cloth…

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