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New Product Development: Bingo Books

I love making jewelry from old game pieces. But in buying games from thrift stores, yard sales, and other such places, I not only end up with games pieces I can use, I end up with neat cards, boards, boxes, and all those other game pieces. I use paper game money to write my thank you notes that go with my online purchases, but what about everything else? I can’t bear to throw away all those pieces. I’ve tried other crafts with them a couple of times, but never found one I really liked enough to share until now.

120 Page Blank Books with Vintage Bingo Covers

120 Page Blank Books with Vintage Bingo Covers

A while ago, I got a vintage bingo set. The wood pieces have made excellent earrings. Also with the set were 14 light cardboard cards. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve experimented with book binding, and this is the result. Each book has 60 sheets (120 pages), sewn inside and glued to the cover.

So, these are my first new product of 2014! I’m making similar books with other cards I have laying around, and I’ll be happily bringing them to conventions and craft shows this year.


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