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Musical Interlude: Doctor Who Fan Orchestra

At last year’s Farpoint convention, I learned about something awesome from a fellow geek: The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra. It is an online collaboration of musically talented fans. They record their various musical parts, which are then combined into a wonderful orchestral suite (with a video compilation of the musicians, who at this point have also gotten quite creative in things like costumes and props).

Today’s “Zero to Hero” blog challenge was to include some element to my blog that I never had before, and I remembered that I had never shared this cool find. And a quick search showed that they just released their eighth video, in celebration of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. As arranger and coordinator notes on this one, “This final mix includes 421 submissions from 283 individual participants, ranging in age from 11 to 69, and who are located in at least 24 different countries across the world.” What a wonderful way to bring fans together!

So take a moment to enjoy this awesome video from some amazing musical geeks!


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