Costume Sunday: Gleeman’s Cloak

Last year’s big Dragon*Con costume was a Gleeman’s Cloak from the Wheel of Time. With the book series finally over, I reread it all and thought it would be a great project for the year.

Gleemen in the Wheel of Time are traveling performers, tellers of stories and histories, and their cloaks are what makes them immediately recognizable. They are described as covered in fluttering patches, more patches than cloak. From there, it was up to my interpretation.

One wonderful thing about this project is that it is a great way to use all sorts of random fabric scraps left over from other projects. I started with making a simple 3/4 circle cloak from a brown, suede-cloth like fabric I had lying around. Then I cut tons of colorful fabric rectangles. I decided to group them by colors into a rainbow gradient for my own look. The patches were sewn to the cloak along their tops and otherwise left loose to flutter.

Photo by Michael Deen, via Flickr

Photo by Michael Deen, via Flickr

I decided to make this year’s Dragon*Con the first time I walked in the parade. I have enjoyed the parade for years, but never been in it. This was a great walking costume.

After Dragon*Con, I wore it again for the Maryland Renaissance Festival. What an eye catcher! This is definitely going to be a regular addition to my ren faire garb.

photo 3


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