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New Year: So, What Are We Doing Here?

Yes, my hair is ridiculously bright red at the moment. What fun!

Yes, my hair is ridiculously bright red at the moment. What fun!

Hello everyone! Happy 2014, and welcome to my annual “What’s happening in Crafty Geeks?” update!

It’s been one hell of a year. I spent a lot of the year working on making Wyrd and Wired grow. I introduced new products that were very well received. My new book jewelry sold out quickly at the shows I brought it to. I did new shows, old shows, and generally had a good year.

Real life had its ups and downs, as happens. The government shut down certainly got in the way of normal operating procedures in this DC area household. Then, a little over two months ago I got let go from my office job of the last seven years. I had been working up to working for myself full time, but this bumped up the schedule.

So, through the holiday season, Wyrd and Wired was my full time gig.

Scary, sure, but overall 2013 was a good year.

I am heading into 2014 full of optimism. I have plans! My online store has expanded, and in the next couple of months I plan on introducing several new items as well as a line of customizable jewelry. Once again, I plan to expand how many shows I do in a year. And a crafty friend and I are taking a booth in a local crafts/antique mall to have our work available somewhere year round. (I will, of course, post the details of where as soon as that booth is set up.)

This blog is part of my every expanding plans. I’ll keep you up to date on my shows, show you new items here first, and share my successes and failures.

Right now, I am loving the life of a full time artist, and hoping I can make it work!


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