Costume Sunday: Red Riding Hood, Werewolf Hunter

It should be no surprise to anyone here that I go all out for Halloween. I am at the front desk for my day job, so I try and wear a costume where if some pieces are removed I can look almost like a normal professional. Not that I had to this year. And this costume will definitely also make an appearance at future conventions – it’s too fun for it not to!

Do you remember my simple capelet tutorial? Well, that’s where this costume started. I made a short red cape last spring, and it ended up looking very “Little Red Riding Hood.” Still, it was wonderfully comfortable, so I wore it on occasion on those in-between weather days anyway. Well, this fall I put it on at the end of one of our vampire LARP session, which led to the inevitable Red Riding Hood jokes about my bad-ass vampire character. A silly idea was born.

I made a simple red circle skirt with lining, and sewed white ribbon I already had on to the lining as a ruffle. I also already had the brown fake fur – I bought it several CostumeCons ago, intending to use it for the hood and sleeve lining on a coat I still have yet to make. The white apron was made last minute (really, it was October 30th) with left over material from the Irulan dress and some simple decorative stitching from my awesome sewing/embroidery machine.

Mark and I took a trip to Spirit Halloween to find a mask that would work for the werewolf head. It wasn’t as ideal a shape as we wanted, but it was the best we could find for where I wanted it on the costume. It took a little detail work to make it look right: I painted the inside of the eye holes with red acrylic paint, sewed on the brown fur, and then sewed on some longer fun fur to make the fur types blend together better. I cut the edges of the large piece of fur slightly to give it a more pelt-like shape, but to preserve most of it for if I ever do get around to making that coat. Scrap bits went to making the clasp/tie, and the rest of the longer fun fur was sewn together to make a tail. It drags behind me when I wear it – it’s great! Later in the day after I took this picture, I realized the elastic strap for wearing the mask, which I had not removed, worked great to fit the head around my upper arm and shoulder, pulling back the cape a bit and better showing all of the costume details.

The final pieces were the huge axe, which I already had – it’s foam, by the way – and the basket, which I picked up cheap at the same time as I bought the red skirt fabric. The red checked fabric was bought at the same time from the remnants bin.

All in all, this was a pretty easy costume, and very little had to be purchased. It won my company’s Halloween costume contest, and amused the hell out of kids who came to our door trick-or-treating!


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