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New Jewelry Designs: Recycled Book Jewelry

As I mentioned in my review of this year’s Farpoint convention, I’ve recently been experimenting with a new line of jewelry. Since I have been having fun using old, beaten up comics in my work for a couple of years, it was a fun theme to expand upon. See, when I make my comic book pendants, I always end up with large portions of pages that won’t work for a small scale image, and it’s a shame to throw these parts out. So, I started experimenting with making paper beads. With these, I can use the whole comic book and create unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry. What do you think?

The paper beads in this necklace were made from the letters page in the back of the comic book. I thought they looked lovely in copper, and then after that… well, steampunk felt natural. For sale in my online store.

The paper beads also work really well for earrings, being so lightweight. I have three pairs of these made thus far, but only this pair photographed.

These paper beads were made from an advertisement for commemorative Superman coins. It’s almost delicate on silver with the little crystals. I really love the way this necklace feels to wear.

There is one other geeky paper product all over my house other than comics – tons and tons of books. Mark and I are both avid readers. Sometimes, we’ll read a book so often it’ll just start falling apart. The last time this happened, when I bought a replacement I thought “hey, I don’t need to throw this out. I could use this!” These are the experiments using a fantasy novel as a jewelry component.

One thing I tried was focusing on a single interesting word in a silver setting. For this one, it was the word “Love.” This pendant sold at Farpoint, but my experiment included three more pendants like it.

How about some cuff links? I’m not completely happy with the settings for these, so I’ll be looking for other options, but they still came out neat.

Every story has to begin somewhere. Map fragments from a fantasy novel remind us of where it all started. Can you figure out what book these are from? I paired the map with tigers eye and green and amber colored crystals. I really like how this turned out, though I will also find another setting for future attempts.

I’m thinking these new products might work particularly well showcased at the mainstream craft shows I hope to do in the fall.

As part of sharing my new work, I’m also going to do my first ever giveaway. Comment on the jewelry in the comments, and I’ll pick a random person to send a piece of my new jewelry prototypes to. You’ll get to pick a pair of comic paper bead earrings, a fantasy word pendant, or cuff links.  I’ll choose a winner in one week.


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