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Event Review: Farpoint 2013

Event: Farpoint

Dates: February 15th-17th, 3013

Where: Crown Plaza, Timonium, MD

Type of Event: Science Fiction/Media Convention

When I was a kid growing up in the DC region, I went to quite a few conventions with my mom. Some of those conventions no longer exist. Farpoint, however, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

It’s gone through a few changes over the years. The biggest was its move from the Hunt Valley Inn to the Crown Plaza. Doing so, it seemed to embrace being a smaller convention. As a result, it has a wonderful, fun, relaxed atmosphere. Well, so long as we dodge terrible weather. Which we did this year, for the most part.

I didn’t spend much time this year just enjoying the convention, as this was my first time back as a dealer in a couple of years. I’m making a big push in my jewelry business this year, so I used Farpoint to debut my new displays and some new styles of jewelry (which I will highlight in an upcoming post). I traveled to Farpoint by commuter train, so it was an even bigger test for my new displays. They worked great. I was able to pack my entire display and inventory into a small handcart and a large suitcase.

My complete dealer table set up. New blue table clothes and jewelry hang tags, plus my new easily transportable displays.

I was also able to display more than I had in the past. The game piece pendants were very well received. Even though they had been at this convention with me before, they got a lot more attention and sales than in shows past. That would also be partially be because my technique and content has improved, I have to admit. But as an artist, I would hope for that to be the case, and I hope my work will continue to improve in the future.

I did get to enjoy the convention a bit by going to the Saturday night masquerade. I love a good costume contest, and this was definitely a good one. The one that had us all talking was a young woman who made an excellent set of Iron Man armor. What had the audience floored was that it was her first costume. She looked surprised at every award she received, and she deserved each one. Our vendor room friends at Commissioned Credentials also won awards at the masquerade. I didn’t get my packing act together in time to bring a costume to compete with myself. Oh well – maybe next time!

Here’s some more highlights from the convention:

Older Amy Pond from the Doctor Who episode “The Girl Who Waited.” Jen and I were happy to have spotted and recognized this costume.

An excellent Morpheus! He had a wonderful costume and had the attitude down.

I’ve been watching a lot of orginal Star Trek lately. This Gorn is here… to sell you GEICO insurance?

Minecraft style! The highlight of the kids costumes. The kid as box-Psy could act even through the box costume. It was hysterical.

I’m definitely happy we came back to Farpoint this year. Plus, there were some additional new opportunities from this event. I learned of a couple of new conventions to look into selling at. Plus, I was interviewed for a small convention documentary. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of that.

All in all, made a small profit on the weekend, had a good response to my new products, went home with several new amusing comics to work from, and had fun. I’d call that a good weekend!


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