Costume Sunday: Steampunk

Me and Reggie at the Georgia Aquarium. Clearly, Reggie loves the fish.

Like many people these days, I enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic. A couple of Dragon*Cons ago, I decided to put together a costume for a steampunk monster hunter. There were all sorts of details of this costume. I bought the vest from a leather worker at a convention I was working at. It inspired the rest of the costume. Since the character in my head was very active, I chose split riding skirts instead of the bustle skirts you see in many steampunk costumes.

I made a wrist sensor doodad that did not hold up nearly as well as I hoped. I also painted my goggles and did a Nerf gun repaint. Then there were all sorts of fun little additional bits and pieces I picked up. I took a belt and painted it with various “mystical” symbols. I added various wooden knives made by a friend for part of her monster hunting arsenal.

And then came Reggie. The costume got turned up a notch as a result of something as simple as stopping at a rest stop on the long road trip down to Atlanta for Dragon*Con. We wandered around a store to stretch our legs, and found a large collection of detailed puppets. I found this aviator puppet and just had to add him to my costume.

I named him Reggie, and Mark gave him a pair of goggles he had with him. When I got to Dragon*Con I found a vendor who had a small repainted squirtgun. It was perfect for his little hands.

Then I took Reggie with me when I dressed in my steampunk costume and went to Dragon*Con night at the Georgia Aquarium. We drew lots of attention. I’m not very good at puppeteering, but with this puppet I’m trying to get better at it. It’s sort of funny when wearing a costume to essentially be the backdrop for what gets the attention, but it was still a lot of fun.


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