Geek Shopping

Geek Shopping: Where No One Has Gone Before

Today, I am at my first convention of the year, Farpoint. I’ve gone to conventions from the time I was pretty young, back when they were pretty much all Star Trek conventions. They may have grown along with the far broader world of science fiction media, but I still have fond memories of those conventions. So, in honor of my convention beginings, here are a series of Star Trek inspired items from Etsy.

Click on the images to be taken to the artists’ shops. All photos belong to the artists.

Insignia Ring

Valerie of VaLaJewellery has made Star Trek into something truly elegant with this saphire ring.

Enterprise Shirt

This bleach stenciled shirt looks like the Enterprise on a field of stars. By Justin of CustomBleachTees

Space Ship Prints

Any Star Trek fan will immediatly recognize these as the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey. Classy pair by Jason Christman.

Data Pillow

Who doesn’t love Data? With this adorable pillow from Morondanga, you can cuddle an android of your very own.

Star Trek Cross Stich Pattern

For those who’d rather craft something of their own, how about this adorable cross stich pattern from weelittlestiches?

Live Long and Prosper Key Chain

When Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired, I complained to my mom “It’s just not the same without Mr. Spock.” Carry his words with you on this keychain by Sarah McGee of ShoptheCopperFox

Star Trek Cookies

For those who want to eat their Star Trek too, look at these gorgeous sugar cookies by AllThingsExquisite

Wesley Crusher Hat

Wesley may be gone, but his sweaters have stayed in our memories forever. This homage in hat form by Caitlin of Dingos8MyTardis is adorably geeky and comfy looking.

Have an idea for a Geeky Shopping Friday theme? Requests are welcome!


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