Costume Sunday: Kaylee from Firefly

My overly red cheeks show what a hot day in Atlanta can do – next time, better makeup before a photoshoot.

This was one of my very first convention costumes, and if remains one of my favorites. Why? Pockets!

Really, never underestimate the value of pockets in a costume. And comfortable shoes. This costume has both. Where in some costumes I have had to stuff wallets and hotel keys into my boots, with this costume I have plenty of room for all of that and more.

Firefly is one of my family favorite sci-fi shows, and I love Kaylee. This costume is not perfectly screen accurate, but it is close to her costume from the first episide. It has been improved multiple times, becoming closer each time. The core pieces were a uniform I bought at ranger surplus store, cut the arms off of and adjusted the fit a bit, and a blue asian style jacket that I was really lucky in finding at a flea market in Florida. Since those start pieces, I was given the correct teddy bear patch, bought a painted version of the parasol from another artist, and went through two pairs of flipflops to get close to the right ones.

This was the first costume I ever competed in a convention masquerade with. It did not win anything, but it was definitely a fun experience.


Pretty close, hmm?


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