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Geek Shopping: All About Hearts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I am happily married to a fellow geek, which can make gift shopping both fun and amusing. Need a late present for a special geek in your life? Here are some lovely hearts from around Etsy.

Click on the images to be taken to the artists’ shops. All photos belong to the artists.


Remember “Back to the Future”? I love this Valentine from Breavie.

heart cufflinks

Who knew computer parts could be so lovely? Techcycled made circuit board parts into these stunning cufflinks.


Zombies need love too! And if you write as much as me, you’ll love the notebooks from Blackbird and Peacock.


For the person you <3, check out this tag (and lots more jewelry) by metalsmitten


Of course, real hearts aren’t nearly so pretty and simple. But one with all the details still looks amazing when cast in metal by Lost Apostle.


I collect masks. I have nothing like this one by Tom Banwell, and I’d love to have it!


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