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Costume Sunday: Steampunk Harley Quinn

Steampunk Harley Quinn, Dragon Con 2011

Steampunk Harley Quinn, version 1, Dragon Con 2011

On a cold winter day, hanging out with a group of friends around our favorite geeky television, a group of us got the idea to create Steampunk and Victorian inspired versions of Batman villians. Ever since her introduction in the animated series, I have loved Harley Quinn, and I jumped at the idea of creating my own version of her. Mark decided to create Mr. Freeze, and Jen went with Poison Ivy (gleefully claiming the red head).

Instead of stylish Victorian inspired dresses and bustle skirts, I felt lacy bloomers better matched the personality of Harley Quinn, and that they would be easier to adapt to her cartoon and comic look.

The bloomers and hat were made by myself from silk. A matching silk corset was commisioned… and then got delayed by customs just before Dragon Con in 2011.

A little ingenuity, leftover red silk, a black leather corset I already had, and a helpful husband later and I still had a costume I could wear for my first ever organized photoshoot. I joined a group of Harleys, Jokers, and other related characters for Harley Palooza. And it was a blast!

Some of the costume details were particular fun.

As an homage to her big white colar, I made a lace choker. Centered on it is a pendant I made with a fake cameo, looking like the silouette of a classic joker playing card. Then, the very steampunk touch: the “Zap” gun. It’s a nerf gun repainted, like many beginner Steampunk guns. Then I took a nerf dart and inserted a handpainted flag, done to look like an old silent movie word insert screen.

I brought this costume back to Dragon Con in 2012, this time with the correct corset (which is, by the way, the best fitting corset I have ever owned) and a couple of other improvements.

I redid my hair in pigtails for a more playful look, made lace cuffs out of the same lace as the choker, and added red and black gloves. The red gloves are a little too bright red for the rest of the costume. But that’s something to improve for next year.

Steampunk Harley Quinn at Dragon*Con 2012, during the Gotham City Photo Shoot

Steampunk Harley Quinn at Dragon*Con 2012, during the Gotham City Photo Shoot

All the Harley Quinns of DragonCon 2012 Harleypaloooza

All the Harley Quinns of DragonCon 2012 Harleypaloooza

This costume is the first one I participated in an organized photoshoot with, and it’s gotten me hooked on that part of DragonCon. 2012, I found the Superhero Costuming Forum because of it. It’s got me excited for new comic inspired plans for 2013.


4 thoughts on “Costume Sunday: Steampunk Harley Quinn

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  2. I think this looks amazing. I love Steampunk and Harley Quinn is my favorite Batman character. I was thinking of being her at D*C this year. Haha. Anyway, kudos on an awesome job!! 😀

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