Costume Sunday: Vin’s Mistcloak

Hello again! I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy with all sorts of crafty projects. So, I should have many fun things to share in the near future. But for now, let’s look into the past.

I completed this costume in 2011 for Dragon Con, but the project itself took a couple of years. Based on Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, I decided to make a mist cloak. Described in the novels as cloaks made of strips of gray fabric, I decided for ease of materials and lack of fraying to make it out of gray ribbon. And wow, did it take a lot of ribbon. A little more shiny than I would like, but they worked well otherwise.

I started with a base of a muslin cape, which went to just short of my elbow length. Then, the lengths of gray ribbon were interwoven. The time consuming part was that they needed to be hand sewn so that they kept the interwoven look. The cloak lived on my dress dummy for most of a year while I worked on it.

Next, I wanted to make the under garments to specifically be the character Vin. In one scene she leaves behind her dress to better fight, so I made lace trimmed bloomers and an undershirt to match. This is one of those times when rushing got the better of me. The bloomers I love. The shirt does not fit right without pinning… which is fortunatly hidden under the cloak.

Finally, various accesories to finish off the costume. Aside from a small copper earring, the costume was supposed to have no metal. This is harder than you would think. Shoe buckles, belt buckles, clasps, snaps… unfortunatly at the end I had metal grommets in my bodice.

Perhaps at some point I’ll fix the shirt and make a better bodice for it. But this was fun to wear – I love the sounds the ribbons make as they move.


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