Geek Shopping

Geeky Shopping: Wear Your Comics

All of the photos coming out of awesome costumes at Comic Con are getting me all excited to work on my own costumes for Dragon*Con. Not up to making something yourself? Here are some awesome comic related wearable pieces by Etsy artists, just waiting for a convention near you.

Click on the photos to go to the stores. All photos belong to their respective artists.

Baby Flash

As if baby’s weren’t difficult enough, give him a hat and he thinks he has superspeed! This absolutely adorable creation by Tabitha Cartwright would be perfect at a baby’s first convention.

Superhero Ties

Feel like a superhero but have to wear a suit? These ties by Annabel Dubuc are a great addition.

Comic High Heels

Something dressy for the girls, too – Tori custom decorates shoes with comic images.


There’s nothing quite like going all the way and wearing a detailed replica costume to a convention. This Rogue is just like I remember her from when I first fell in love with the X-Men, and Alexandra Threw can custom make it for you.

Joker T-Shirt

Not up to wearing a full costume? Then how about this fun Joker comic cover t-shirt by The RockerShop?

Pow hair clip

Or, just add a little “POW!” to your hair with this clip by Janine.

Captain America Skirt

And wouldn’t that look just adorable with this skirt by Tin Tiara? I’m really getting tempted here, folks.

Batman Dog Collar

Don’t leave your furry friend out! He might be small, and probably not allowed at the convention, but he definitely thinks he can take on the world! So it’s only appropriate to give him (or her) this Batman dog collar by Kelly King.

Have a theme you’d like me to showcase for a future Geeky Shopping Friday? Let me know!


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