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Geek Shopping: Fanged Fun

Today, I am at a vampire LARP event in Ohio. So today’s geeky shopping is all about vampires! Here are some gems, from the scary to the funny, that I found on Etsy with this theme.

Click on the images to be taken to the artists’ shops. All photos belong to the artists.

Vampire Bite Mugs

These wonderful mugs by Maid of Clay can be custom made with many different sayings. I’m definitely tempted to add one of these to my small collection of odd office mugs.

Dracula Cuff

Kate of Jezebel Charms made this brass cuff with a quote from Dracula. Let’s get back to our classic vampire roots, people!

Among Friends

What a beautiful piece of art, from the lovely vampire girl to the elegant purple and black. It’s called “Among Friends” and is by Tanya Mayers. More vampires with purple, please!

Vampire Masks

My husband and I have a small collection of masks on our bedroom wall. Most of them were bought to be part of a costume at some time or other. These masks by Pirate Mask would make a great addition.

Vampire Oven Mitt

I normally prefer my vampires to be, well, monsters, but the Count from Sesame Street is the exception. And that’s who this adorable over mitt by Angie Diersman of CollisionWare reminds me of. My kitchen needs this!

Got Blood Can Holder

I always feel a little out of place when I have to take a food break in the middle of pretending to be a vampire. Next time, I should put my soda in one of these holders by Insomniac Arts.

Love Card

Now wouldn’t this just make for an adorable geeky valentine? I admit it, the cuteness has officially won me over. By Anita of Monkey Mind Design.


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