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Easy DIY Ribbon Badge Lanyard

As I’m getting ready for my summer Sci-Fi convention and LARP event season, I’m thinking about an annoying consideration of all my costumes: badges.

Necessary, of course, to show you’ve paid to be there, to give you access to awesome things, and in LARP even to sometimes say things about your character. But with costumes… if they’re a pin back, you have to figure out how to avoid making holes in your costume. If they’re clip backed, you have to figure out where to attach them so they’ll stay. Thus, lanyards! But the cheap lanyards you can find with, say, office supplies are so boring. So here’s a really easy way to make your own lanyard. With this, you can even make one to go with your costumes!

Lanyard with Badge

One of my ribbon lanyards, in lovely turquoise. I sell these on Etsy and at my booth at Dragon*Con


  • 1 yard of ribbon (not too thick)
  • Large split ring, like for keychains
  • Needle and thread

That’s it!

To make the lanyard, take your ribbon and smooth it out so you’re working with no twists. Then, put the ends one on top of the other, so that the front of one end of the ribbon is flat against the back of the other end. It’ll make almost a teardrop shape.

Fold the combined ends over, around the split ring.

Sew. A box is a good shape to sew to keep it secure and sew down all ends. Tie off and tuck the ends of your thread inside the ribbon fold before cutting to hide them.

And you’re done!

Pile of Lanyards

Look at all those lanyards!


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