Costume Jewelry – Steampunk Wizard Necklace

This past weekend, the horrible wind storm took out our internet of all things, but not our power. So while I didn’t get to write the blog posts I wanted to, I did get lots of crafting in.

The first thing I made was something that Mark had asked me for a while ago. For Dragon*Con, he’s working on a steampunk Harry Dresden (of “The Dresden Files“) costume, and since my specialty is jewelry he wanted me to make his pentacle necklace. He found a brass pentacle, and a brass gear that was only a little bit larger. My challenge was to combine the two.

Steampunk Pentacle

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Actual size is about an inch and a half.

I took the two pieces and coiled copper wire through the teeth of the gear to bring them together. It took a couple of tries to get just like I wanted it. For one thing, when I started trying to coil it it didn’t want to stay centered. That was solved by a little drop of E6000 holding the two metal pieces together. I let that dry before doing the coil. Then I could pull as tight as I needed to make it neat and not pull it off-center as I worked.

The other challenge was hiding the wire ends. There are actually two pieces of the thin wire. It was hard to keep the wire from getting kinked, and if I’d just used one it would have been impossible. Also, with this style I could not do the usual bundle coil to bind ends tightly. Instead, I had to hide the ends on the back and bind them tight under the rest of the wire as I worked. Hard to make sure there is no pointy bit, but it worked.

Best of all, Mark’s happy with this costume addition.


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