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Inside the Craft Studio: Works in Progress

I love to multitask. Any given day in my craft room, I might be working on two to three projects at once. Some of this is to break up muscle strain of repetitive work. Some of this is because of the amount of time certain projects take to dry. But mostly, I just like that method of making progress and getting things done.

I’m usually pretty good about finishing a project once I’ve started, but admittedly not always. Sometimes I buy the materials, then lack the time. Sometimes I stop because I don’t like how the project is going. Sometimes, a new project just has to take precedence.

Here’s what’s sitting around as a “work in progress” in my craft studio at the moment.

Fish Monster

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I created this drawing using prompts from Fantasy Genesis. Fish + Parrot + Coal = cheesy sci-fi monster! See my little table from dice rolls in the corner.

Space Damsel

Part 2 of the above work in progress. I’m not entirely happy with her face, but the next step is digitally painting these and I should be able to improve it then. What’s the final project? A multi-layered collage based on 1950s pulp magazine covers.

Bag of Dice

At any time, I have a bag of dice I’ve drilled waiting to be made into jewelry. It’s so easy when I’m in my craft room to put something away or get a tool to go “Well, I’ll drill a couple dice while I’m in here.” These are currently waiting for me to buy more silver wire.

Cross Stitch

I also like to keep my hands busy during table top role playing games. Lately, I’ve been doing cross stitch. When complete, this will read “I cannot live without books.” So true!

Valkyrie's dress - still going!

Yes, I am still working on Valkyrie’s chain maille dress! I hope to wear it to Dragon*Con this year. The underdress has been sewn in, and the maille currently reaches a little past my hips.
(Don’t mind the blurry photo – my dress dummy is still in my Artomatic space and it’s hard to photograph something like this without it!)

Irulan's Fabric Pile

Sometimes, I buy the materials and then don’t get started on a project. That results in sad things like this. Theoretically, it’s another costume for Dragon*Con. Still going to try on this one, though!

GM Scepter

This is from a really old idea, and has probably been sitting in this stage for over a year. Looking at it now, I think I can finish it if I get some thicker gold paint to hide the wood grain and some fun fake jewels.

So, what are you working on at the moment? New ideas, or projects that are perpetually in progress?


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