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Artomatic: After Event Musings

Well, that’s it. After a couple of weeks of setup time and a month open to the public, Artomatic is now over.  This was my first time since college doing a gallery-style show, and it was a great experience and a great challenge. I look forward to the next time it comes around – and I hope it won’t be a whole three years until they find a building again!

Artomatic Banner

The welcoming banner… how we’ll miss you…

The Awesome things about Artomatic:

  • Watching a building like this transform from boring old office building to 9 floors of art? Amazing!
  • Supporting artists of all ages and levels. I love seeing displays from young artists!
  • Getting involved! Honestly, I wish I’d had more time for workshops and such.
  • Meeting other artists. Talking to all sorts of creative people is something I wish I could do more often.
  • Getting inspired. Seeing what other people  have done and just being around that much creative energy really helps my own creativity.


Lego Nyan Cat

This Lego Nyan Cat was made by Duncan Guthery, whose space said he is 11 years old. How’s that for supporting emerging artists?

Lessons Learned for Next Time

  • People really do start from the top floors and work down. Next time, upper space!
  • Business cards seemed to go faster than postcards. So not making special postcards next time.
  • Small spaces and funky rooms are great for stretching your creativity. Don’t be afraid to do a whole installation themed around your work.
  • Add to the Artomatic community. I don’t know how exactly I’ll do this, but I want to come up with something, be it organize a get together or find some fun way to recognize my fellow artists.
  • Encourage people to linger – add comfy chairs and/or something interactive.
My Artomatic Neighbor

My neighbor’s cool metal wall sculptures. I never even met two of the five people I shared a room with. Next time, I need to make a point of better networking with my own neighbors. We could have done cool things in this room together, guys!

All in all, I really enjoyed participating in this year’s Artomatic. I may not have made all the connections I wanted, but I stretched my creative muscles a bit and am leaving it with new creative energy. I’ve been inspired, have new ideas, and got to see what sorts of pieces the larger public reacts to. So sure, I may not have a commercial success from this endeavor, but I consider it a success all the same.


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