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Artomatic: Wow Factor Part 2

As is to be expected in a show with over 1100 participating artists, it is hard to pick favorites. So, here is part two of the pieces of work at Artomatic I felt just had that little something extra that made them amazing.

Somophony - Drum

One of the awesome things about Artomatic I wish more people had taken advantage of – because of the layout of the old office building, there were lots of little rooms perfect for installation pieces. This one is called Somophony and is by Nate Lewis.

Somophony Part 2

A second view of Somophony, further into the room. The artist’s work was all themed around the human body and music. Excellently combined!


Sean Yates‘ rather dark paintings really intrigued me. I like the colors and the figure in this one.


It’s hard to tell in this photo, but this entire piece is layers and layers of cut paper. Cut paper, guys! So intricate. By Sherill Anne Gross


It’s rare that I see a painting that really captures the light of a certain time and type of day. I love the feeling of the sun over the shoulder in this one.
by Joe Granksi II


Delicate and uniquely displayed, clearly even the reflections were thought out in these pieces. by Emily Piccirillo


I have a thing for dolls, even when other people think they’re creepy. Lisa Schumaier set up her sculptures in another small room, making the whole thing into a kind of stage. Great work and great use of space!

Doll 2

Another one of Lisa’s dolls

I might be doing a part three of my favorites if I manage to get back and get photos of some of the pieces I’ve missed or forgotten to photograph thus far. But I probably won’t get that post up until after Artomatic is over for the year. Still can’t believe the last day is Saturday – what a great month it has been!



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