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Artomatic: Wow Factor Part 1

At every art show, there are some pieces that just start out. Excellent in concept and execution, they’re the pieces that stick with you. Not every one photographs well (like the lovely video installation on the 9th floor – Wow!), but here’s part 1 of my roundup of work that just had a little extra something.

(Remember when I said I haven’t even seen the whole show yet? Just consider this a highlights reel.)

Room of Glass

This lovely glass also took great advantage of the natural light in it’s first floor room. I especially like the blue and purple pieces near the middle. by Karyne E. Messina

Moving Light

One thing a photo can’t capture is subtle motion. This light was actually projected on the screen front, and constantly moving in a gentle swirl. So peaceful. by Xavier Maxwell Malina

Tattooed Woman

I just love the old fashioned look of this painting. She seems so elegant with all of her tattoos! by Marcia Fry


And in the same room, this wonderful piece by Randall Fry. I have a thing for shadowboxes and wall sculptures, and his were excellently done.

Fused Glass

This is one of the finest, most detailed examples of fused glass that I’ve seen. And displayed so interestingly as well! by Gayla Lee

Food as Art

Food! And junk food at that. Big, bright, and colorful. The donuts were painted on hardware store paint sample cards. Very cute all around! (Alas, no artist business cards…)


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