Artomatic / Costuming / Playing Card Dress

Artomatic: Fascinated by Dresses

Certain themes emerged as I was taking photos around Artomatic this year. One was dresses as art. Partially inspired by my own dress as art piece, I had fun chronicling what others had made.

Sadly one day I was there, the battery of my camera died before I found several amazing dress inspired pieces, and it wasn’t until later that I remembered I could use my cell phone to take photos, too. The place is so big, I still have not seen all of it, let alone gone back and found the couple of pieces I didn’t get to take photos of. But here are some of the neat clothing inspired works I did get photos of.

My playing card dress, still a work in progress. My plan is to have this actually finished to wear to Dragon*Con. It will be a floor length, medieval inspired dress.

Ceremonial Robes

I don’t know how these wall sculptures were made, but they were stunning.
by Marcia Jestaedt

Metal Wearwell Oil Dress

This artist had several sculptural “dress” pieces out of various recycled metals. I liked this one because of the “wearwell” brand name. I don’t think this dress would wear very well! (Sadly, the artist was out of business cards so I don’t have her name or link.)

Inauguration Dress

Lola Lombard made this lovely, hand painted Inauguration inspired dress. Fitting for a Washington DC area art show!

3 Little Dresses

These hidden little gems are by May Catherine Starr. Sometimes it’s the big pieces that get the attention, but I like the little ones, too.


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