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Artomatic: Art That Made Me Smile

I went to art school. Sometimes, I can be a bit of an art snob. As my husband can attest, I can point out the merits of works based off of various modern art movements, whether or not I actually like the piece. I can judge things on skill or the message it was trying to impart.

But sometimes, I just want to like what I see.

On that note, here are several pieces that, whether or not they were technically amazing, made me smile and remember them later.

I was a flamingo in my very first dance recital ever. Yes, a flamingo. Since then, I’ve always had a soft spot for these awkward looking pink birds. And these ones had glitter!
by John Gascot and MG Stout (or one of the two of them. They shared a room. And business cards.)

I love this. You can come up with all kinds of social or political commentary here if you want. Or you can enjoy a gold plated Godzilla with baby arms. It’s up to you.
By an awesomely friendly artist on the 4th floor whose name I keep forgetting to write down. Oops.

There’s something delightfully Tim Burton-esque about these stuffed dolls. Sadly, the artist had no business card I could find.

It’s just pretty. I want. 🙂
by Michael Hammond

Muppets in unexpected places. You have picked an excellent muse!
by Jenn Bock

Encaustic (using wax and colored pigments) seemed to be an unusual medium of choice this year. I liked this artist’s use of textures with the embedded plants. By Milstead Encaustic.

There’s something happy and peaceful about the expression on this mask. Like he’s having a really good dream. by Gary Irby PhD

So,  I have somewhat eclectic tastes. And I’ll prove it in the next couple of days, because I have several more sets of Artomatic highlights to go before the show is gone.


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