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Artomatic: 6 Fellow Artists, Fellow Geeks

When over 1000 artists are displayed in one building, and they have free reign to display whatever in the world they want, it should be no surprise that I’ll find some kindred spirits.  Here are five of my favorite works where the artists let their geek pride shine.

Some of the work was clever…

How to use a pillar taking up a chunk of your space and display Dr. Who inspired paintings at the same time – make a Tardis!

Computer icons as religious icons. This entertains my inner art history nerd, too! by Glenn Kessler.

Some of it was, well, kind-of weird…

George Washington as Optimus Prime? Don’t know why this combination amuses my so much.

This one, on the other hand… Worf as Marilyn Monroe? I salute your slightly twisted mind, sir!

Darth Va-Deer by Isaac Otto Lange. I got nothin’

And some are just lovely.

Okay, maybe not everyone thinks vampires are lovely, but… hey! I know that Magic Card! by Cynthia Sheppard

And all of them are on display for just 4 more days! That’s Wednesday through Saturday. So I’m doing a photo countdown of my favorites this week. Go to Artomatic and see them before the building becomes a boring office building again!


2 thoughts on “Artomatic: 6 Fellow Artists, Fellow Geeks

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