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Artomatic: My Space

Artomatic is almost over, and I’ve got plenty of great photos to share. There’s still one week to go, so there’s still things to see. But first, here’s a look at my space!

Before – I needed a wall with a corner or something like it so I could set up my dress dummy without interfering with another artist’s space.

And After! Painted blue, ugly mustard yellow cabinet refinished (I wish I had before photos), and work installed!

To display my 3D pieces in a way that was secure and yet they could be removed later unharmed, I used pegboard. I spray painted it black, glued it to frames, wired the items to the board, and then screwed the board to the wall. Looks good, and not going anywhere without tools.

Getting everything set had a unique set of challenges – like my cord covers were too small, so I had to secure my surge protector with painted over tape – but all in all I love how everything turned out.

Next time, though, I’m picking a space on a higher floor. People definitely seem to like to do the building from the top down.


One thought on “Artomatic: My Space

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