Event Reviews

Art Show Planning: Artomatic

One of my favorite area art events is on its way back! Artomatic is a regular event in the D.C. area, open to all sorts of visual and performance artists. 2009 was its tenth anniversary, and the first year I found out about it in time to go see it. I went three times during the time the event was running. Hundreds of art exhibits were spread out between nine floors of an unfinished office building. There were stages on each floor for performances. It was a fascinating use of an unfinished building. I decided right away that I wanted to participate in the next one.

While there has not been an Artomatic in a couple of years, I was thrilled this week to find out that it’s back. It will be from May 18th through June 24th in Crystal City. While eagerly awaiting the opening of artist registration, I’m coming up with ideas for what I could do as my own little art display.

My work has changed a lot since 2009. I want to reflect what I do and what I sell, but make a fun and interesting display at the same time. I’m thinking right now I’m going to expand on my game piece work to all kinds of “everyday” functional objects. And I plan to use as many of my Iron Craft challenges as possible to fill up the space.

So, stay tuned!


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