Inside the Craft Studio

Inside the Craft Studio: My Comfy Corner

Funny things happen when you clean out a craft studio – you find room! Last time I did a big cleanout of this room, I realized there was more space than I thought. Not only that, but the corner by the door was the perfect spot to add in a comfy nook.

Took a little searching for the perfect chair, but IKEA came through… as well as for the huge picture frame for the opera poster I’d never framed, the small ironing board, and the flooring scraps to give this one side of the room a finished feel.

All set up and ready to craft - the comfy corner behind my craft room door.


My collection of pewter figurines now has a nice home in my craft room. And more art finally hung on walls!


My craft room would not be complete without little geeky touches, like this Enterprise figurine my brother gave me.

Now that it’s complete, it’s a great place to pull up a little work table or my dress dummy, turn on my computer with Hulu on the other side of the room, and work on costuming projects like Valkyrie’s chainmaille dress. (And yes, my gamer friends, I am still going to complete this dress even if I never get to wear it finished to LARP!)


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