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Looking into the Past: Silversmith

Mark and I went to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia this year for Christmas. We both love history and historical reenactments. I hadn’t been since I was in sixth grade, and Mark had never been, so when we were suddenly without holiday plans it was a fun, spur of the moment trip for both of us.

When we went into the silversmith’s shop, it was fascinating seeing how much was familiar. The tools and techniques are still valid for handcrafting silver. Though, nowadays if you still handcraft silver I doubt your monetary mainstay is spoons.

The craftsmen/interpreter talks about the tools of a colonial silversmith’s shop. He was very interesting, talking about theories of how a jeweler’s saw blade might be made by hand, using coiled wire and a chisel.

Wire coils and pliers


Hammers, saws, and tools.


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