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Costuming: Super Simple Capelet

(I’m back! With holidays over, I hope to get back to a usual posting schedule.)

At our last vampire LARP game in November, Valkyrie met an unfortunate demise. So, it was time for a new look, and a new costume. I decided to go for contrast, be lady-like, and pull out some of my random dresses. But there was one thing I needed – something I could “hide” behind if I started to laugh and needed a moment to control myself. I thought about a hat, but that would be very hard to fit with a wig. But a cape with a hood would work, and be really easy to make. This cape has all of two seems, and was made in about an hour (not counting the front detail work).

To make a really simple cape, you need 3 yards of any no-fray material. I used a nice, gray fleece, but wool or felt would also work. If you don’t pick a non-fray material, you will have a very long circular hem to sew and will cut down on the possible length of your cape.

 You will also want a button, snap, frog, or other closure for the front. I used a skull button I found at Jo-ann Fabrics for a subtle, in-character joke.

  • Cut a full circle from your fabric. Trim as needed to make your edges look nice.
  • Fold your circle in half, then in half again. Along one fold, cut through one layer. This will be the front opening of your cape.
  • At the center fold, cut a small circle for your neck. It’s really easy to cut this too large, so start small and you can always make it larger if you want to.
  • If you don’t want a hood, you’re almost done and can skip to adding the closure.
  • For a hood, fold a piece of fabric in half and cut a rectangle a little taller and deeper than you think you want. Round one side near the fold (see reference image).
  • Sew the rounded side of the hood together to be the back.
  • Pin the hood bottom to the neck circle of your cape, right sides together. You will probably have to gather the hood fabric, so try and space it out evenly with the front of the hood lining up with the opening of the cape. Sew.
  • Sew your chosen clasp to the front of the cape, near where the hood is attached. For mine, I sewed a button to one side and a small loop of fabric to the other. Next one I make I will not use a loop of fleece – the small piece stretches.
  • For final details, I added an iron-on pattern of vines and flowers along the front opening. Because iron-ons won’t stick to fleece well, they were sewn on. Next cape I make, if I decide to add details like this I’ll use my new embroidery machine (Christmas present of awesome!).

    Here's your basic fabric shapes to make a simple cape from. Size as needed for a comfortable fit.

I’m very happy with how the final cape turned out. Cute and easy to wear, it’s a great new character costume piece. And if the character goes in the direction I am trying, I already have ideas for her next cape.


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