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Event Review: Boston Palle Grande

Once again, a little late event review. It’s been a crazy month.

Event: Palla Grande

Dates: October 21-22nd, 2011

Where: Um… I was in Connecticut somewhere. Totally forgetting town names.

Type of Event: LARP event game

On the road again, and this time to Connecticut to party with the Boston and New York games. Palla Grande is the big festival every year for the Sabbat, taking place on Halloween and reveling in being vampires. Because it is a big deal, there are multiple games that throw large events, and this year I had a choice between Ohio and Boston. What it came down to was that a friend’s girlfriend was in the New York game, so a small group of us headed up that way.

The event ran Friday and Saturday nights, and was hosted at a banquet hall facility. This meant that they could do up the decorations nicely and there was a cash bar. This also meant the second night there was a wedding in the next room. But hey – it’s almost Halloween, so for once we’re only slightly weird.

Because it’s so close to Halloween, Palla Grande is really big for costumes. It’s sort of funny to dress as a character who is in turn dressing as something else, but overall the costumes were wonderful. One of my favorites has to be Vinny dressing up as the Regent.

Vinny as The Regent

Inquisitor as Devil

I wore my chainmaille dress… well, such as it is thus far. It’s past my hips, and once the underdress was sewn in it was wearable. Only problem? Really cold! There are a couple of scenes I just didn’t join in on because they were being run outside, and even if I put my jacket over the top the metal got cold really fast. So, the second night it was leather dress with my black wings. Yay for bringing two costumes!

Valkyrie as the Archbishop

Palla Grande is a party, making this a nicely not plot heavy event. Sure, there was some drama, especially the first evening, but mostly it was a chance to get together, socialize in character, and have fun.

I did go to the after party the second night. (I’m usually way too exhausted to do things after game… soooo not a night owl.) It was fun getting the chance to talk to people out of character as well and make some more connections. It was also amusing to find out that my character is well liked. Apparently I impressed people back at Beltane. Who knew?

Dance performance

Final Verdict: Waaaay better than last year’s Palla Grande. Will definitely game with the Boston players whenever I can make their events. Plus, gave me ideas for my own Palla Grande on Sunday!


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