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Simple Creepy Halloween Floral Arrangement

I’m not usually big on floral arrangement, but when starting to get the house ready for party I came across a problem – and an idea.

Problem: As a wedding gift, we were given a huge, pretty glass vase. The problem is, it’s too big to safely put away anywhere. It was still sitting on our counter with fake orchids in it.

Idea: Make a truly creepy centerpiece from fake bones and dark flowers.


  • –       Small bag of foam fake bones
  • –       Large glass vase
  • –       3 Tree branches, real or fake
  • –       6 Silk black roses, individual stems
  • –       3 bunches of fake black colored berries

All of these stems were long, and none were cut down for this simple arrangement. Substitute other flowers or plants, real or fake, as desired, so long as they are long enough to significantly clear the top of the vase. Blacks and browns will look best for this arrangement.

First, place the tree branches, or whatever your longest and thickest stems are, in the vase. Fake tree branches like those in the photo are actually plastic, and can be carefully bent to look a bit different from each other.

Take the foam bones, and carefully arrange them in the vase, along the sides. This is easiest with the longer bones. Save the skull for last, placing it near the top of the ‘pile.’ The skull in the photo is actually held in place by the tree branches.

Place the other stems in the vase one at a time. Hide their ends near the center, so the bones obscure the view from the outside. Spread them out so that the roses are spaced out by the berries and branches – or, whatever you use, try not to put too much of the same thing right next to each other.

Optional – When all done, you can add spider webs among the branches. Use small pieces and spread fake webbing as thin as you can for a more realistic look. Small plastic spiders can also be added.


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