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Dragon*Con 2011 Part 6: Monday

Monday is perhaps the oddest day at Dragon*Con. Having partied out and now checking out of the hotels, everyone is pretty mellow by Monday. Costumes are few as most have been packed away, and the whole thing feels like a town packing up for the season.
Still, there are always a couple of people still in the full convention spirit, and I’m happily one of them.
20 - Member of House Hufflepuff

What happens in Hufflepuff, stays in Hufflepuff

Doctor Who and Rose

Just regenerated Doctor Who and Rose stop by my booth

Packing up is a little sad, watching the dealer’s room quickly come apart. It generally takes us about an hour and a half to get packed up and out on the road again. This year had an extra bit of crazy, because the rain finally decided to come down hard right as it was time for load out. In the mad dash, one of my boxes opened and spilled twice, and the car as a whole was not nearly as nicely packed as on the way out. (Note to self: even though it’s bulkier, bring the industrial, two wheeled dolly next year instead of the big flat one.) I ended up repacking the car when we stopped for gas down the road.
We added what may be a new tradition for our ride home this year. Mark’s mom had just moved to the Atlanta area, and her birthday also happened to be Monday. So we stopped by her new place on the way out, enjoyed a late dinner, and got to have some family time before we hit the road again.
All in all, we had yet another excellent year, and are already starting our plans for next year.

2 thoughts on “Dragon*Con 2011 Part 6: Monday

  1. Hi Cynthia, I love your blog! I’ve read through a lot of your tips about being a vendor at Dragon Con. This year will be my first time being a vendor there. I sell jewelry too, but not the same type as yours. I am wondering if you can give tips on how much change is a good idea to have on hand for sales. I saw what you said about the square not working for CCs. This year the vendors are in a whole new building so I wonder if that will still be a problem. I use the square. How do you get the “knuckle buster” as you call it?

    • Hi Ginia! Congratulations on being a vendor this year! Be sure to stop by and say hi – I love chatting with other dealers.

      We checked out the America’s Mart building last year, and while the signal was a little better, it was still quite spotty. I frankly would not count on it once there are hundreds of people in the rooms all trying to use the same phone and wi-fi connections. It is always a good idea to have a backup method handy.

      I think I got my “knuckle buster” from a seller with an eBay store several years ago, but if you do an online search for “manual credit card imprinter” you can find a number of different places that sell ones in different styles.

      As for cash on hand, I usually start DragonCon with around $100 in small bills. It will depend a bit on the price point of your items what will work best for you, but that’s what’s usually worked for me. Just a bit of advice – try to get your change before Friday, and not at one of the banks right next to the convention. Those get crazy!

      Good luck to you, and hope you have a great DragonCon!

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