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Dragon*Con 2011 Part 5: Sunday

Sunday starts a little slower, as everyone has partied well into the night convention wide. But I was back in my booth bright and early, making some early sales.
Every year, I pick one or two things I really want to do during booth hours, and someone agrees to cover things. This year, what I wanted to do was the Harley Palooza photoshoot. I’d never managed to join in on a photoshoot before, and shortly before Dragon*Con I learned about one for any and all costume variations of Harley Quinn. So Jen agreed to watch the booth and close it for the evening while I changed into costume and went to the photoshoot.
Originally, the photoshoot was supposed to be outside in a nearby park, but the afternoon say dreary rain come rolling in. So, it moved to the nearby hotel lobby, which may have been an extra bonus as there were more random crowds going by, and more people in appropriate costumes we could pull into the photoshoot. All in all it was a blast and I hope to be able to do more photoshoots in the future.
Harley Quinns vs. Superman

Harleys and DeeDees kick Superman while he's down

Harley Palooza Photo Shoot

The girls - Harley in many, sassy forms

Harleys vs. Batman

Get the Bats! (This Batman who wandered by during the photoshoot was a great sport.)


And then we beat up one of our own...

Steampunk Harley Quinn

My steampunk Harley Quinn

We met back in the hotel room with a very happy Jen, who had managed to make Sunday afternoon into a flurry of good sales. So, note to self – give Jen espresso beans and leave her alone in the booth and sales will be awesome. Who knew?
Ood Sigma

Oh, and Ood! I love an Ood!

Sunday evening we have a tradition – we get together with another friend of ours in one of the hotel rooms and watch the masquerade on Dragon*Con TV. Dragon*Con TV is awesome, by the way. Amusing sketches and popular panels are broadcast directly to the hotel rooms of the host hotels. By doing the masquerade this way we don’t have to sit in the ridiculously long line to get in, we can heckle and cheer as we feel like it, and can enjoy pizza and wine while watching. It’s one of our favorite personal traditions.
This year’s masquerade was… a little hard to describe. The hosts were a little awkward at first, then as the evening got later (and they got drunker?) they just went with the train wreck and it became hysterical. Plus, their drinking game with the FUZE fruit drinks means I will never look at that drink the same way again. There were some good costumes, though not as many really shone as have in some years past. But the good company and the good laughter was really the whole point.
13b: Marvin the Martian

I claim this planet for Mars!


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