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Dragon*Con 2011 Part 3: Friday

Friday begins the true festivities of Dragon*Con. For me, it begins with an actual breakfast (one of the few I get over the weekend), then setting up my inventory to get ready for the dealer’s room to open at 2pm.
The upside to my new set up was I had a lot more space for my inventory. The downside? Well, I had a lot more space. That meant I had to figure out how to display everything in a way that would make the space not feel empty, but would not be overcrowded with items either. Add in that having some overstock is actually a good thing so that holes can be filled throughout the weekend and new things can be seen, and I had a bit of a challenge. I think it turned out pretty well, but next year I’ll need to bring even more inventory. Especially my dice earrings. But I was able to spread out my new lanyards I’d made last minute, and as a result they sold quite nicely.
There is always a line waiting for the dealer’s room to open, but sales are pretty light as people take their first walk through. And I pass the time by trying to grab some entries for the photo scavenger hunt as they walked by.
11b - Smaller, more portable Nyan Cat

Hi, I'm a walking internet meme!

I do get to get up from my booth and walk around on occasion, which is a treat. This year, I also brought with me my new lomography fisheye camera. Only good for bright daytime shots, but definitely takes some fun pictures.
21 - Classic Nintendo Character

Classic video game characters



Walking between the Marriott and the Hyatt. The top of the photo is my Kaylee parasol. Beautiful Black Swan walking by.

Then, it’s back to the room for dinner and credit card processing before changing into a costume and heading out for some evening fun. My costume of the evening was Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. I’d worn the cloak last year, but did not get the undergarments completed in time. So it was nice to put the whole thing together. Jen sprained her ankle before Dragon*Con and wasn’t up for wandering, and Mark was being Keith’s “designated adult” for the night, so I did something that reminded me of my first couple of years going to Dragon*Con alone: I wandered.
Vin 4
I meandered from hotel to hotel, seeing what was going on and seeing what I could find for my scavenger hunt. For the first time ever I found the video rooms, and watched a little old cheesy horror and some of the Supernatural anime. (A little weird seeing a first season episode redone as an anime, by the way…) And I found:
Marriott Escalators

The costumed crowd of the Marriott

Gene the Cow

Gene the Cow from Fringe

7 - Someone on Stilts

Amazing Dark Crystal land strider costume

9 - Group of Filkers

Filk and Cookies filk session


Tron Legacy photoshoot with amazing reflective costumes


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