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Dragon*Con 2011 Part 2: Thursday

Now, don’t let the title fool you: Dragon*Con actually runs from Friday through Monday of Labor Day weekend. For years, we’ve been showing up early, just because that makes things a hell of a lot easier as a vendor. To drive down with all of my stuff and not go completely insane, Mark and I set out Wednesday after work, which means we usually arrive Thursday at about five. Then, we unload as quickly as we can all of my booth displays and inventory (often packed under the suitcases of costumes, so a bit of a challenge), get out of the way of everyone else in the loading dock, and hurry to the hotel and check in.
This year we also had friends to rendevous with. Jen and Keith each flew down, and once they got through the registration line (nice and easy this year!) they joined us in the dealer’s room. Which led to our first funny convention moment. Keith had just finished reading the Saga of the Seven Suns by Kevin J Anderson, and decided that Kevin J Anderson was his favorite living author. So, we’re walking around the mostly empty dealer’s room, pointing things out when there’s no crowd, and Mark points out where Kevin J Anderson’s booth is. Keith goes to say hi, and promptly gets accidentally almost elbowed in the neck by Rebecca Moesta (Kevin J Anderson’s wife, also an author). Awkward, but great ice breaker.
We’re not the only ones who make things easier on ourselves by coming in on Thursday, and over the years a fan-run precon has sprung up. By Thursday night, there are already several concerts and parties, and the costumes have already come out. So we continued our “showing around with smaller crowds” by taking Jen and Keith to see the other hotels… and out came the camera.
Amy Pond

There was quite the Doctor Who crowd hanging out already. Here's a lovely Amy Pond holding a sunflower for Vincent.

Give me a kiss, girl

Excellent velociraptor costume! These two were out most nights.


Air Shark

Air Shark! Awesome remote control balloon was amusing the growing crowd.

Doctor and Tardis

There were many TARDIS costumes. I think this guy in the top hat had the best one.

Cmdr. Riker, Mork, and Popeye

Only at Dragon*Con moment: Commander Riker, Mork, and a hysterical Popeye hanging out together.

Then, we decided to do something we don’t usually do (mostly because, after very long days in the dealer’s room, I’m just too tired): check out a room party! ConTourage was throwing an “anything but clothes” party. Whatever you want to wear, so long as it was not clothes. Many a would be partier raided their hotel towels, blankets, curtains, etc. I made a roman dress out of a pair of curtains I brought from home, hair ties, and safety pins. It was silly, crowded, and a lot of fun.

Party Line

Waiting in line. Towels, togas... food wrappers and corks?

16 - Costume Made Entirely of Duct Tape
Duct tape! Purse is made of duct tape, too.
We weren’t at the party long before we got too tired, and I still had to get up in the morning to set up all of my inventory. But it was a great prelude to an awesome convention weekend!

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