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Jim Butcher Book Signing

Last Monday, Mark and I went to one of our local Barnes & Noble stores to see Jim Butcher talk about his latest book in the Dresden Files, Ghost Story. It was a blast. He talked for a good hour, answering questions on the series and on writing in general. (Side note, he also has fulfilled a gamer dream of many a role player I know and bought a farm for LARP. Want!) He was both funny and personable, joining Mark’s short list of authors we’d love to just sit and chat with. I won’t include any spoilers, but I will say that Ghost Story was an awesome book, and after some of the things he said in his question and answer session I want to go back and read and see if I can find some of the ‘hints’ he mentioned. If you like urban fantasy, supernatural mystery, and related genres and have not picked up the Dresden Files yet, go start reading now!

The crowd in the bookstore was huge, and huge kudos to the staff for managing it all with smiles. Talking with the staff and fellow Dresden Files fans was a huge part of the fun of the evening. I even gave out business cards and tried to convince people to go to Dragon*Con.

But my favorite moment of the evening was the following statement from Jim Butcher, when saying he’d just be insane if he couldn’t be a writer:

“I basically get paid to wander around in my head all day, eavesdrop on conversations between my imaginary friends, and write them down.”

That sounds like an awesome job to me!

Mark gets his copy of Ghost Story signed by Jim Butcher


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