Another Advantage to Cleaning – Or, Where’d the Blog Go?

So, some of you may have noticed I dropped off the planet recently, at least as far as this blog goes. Well, here’s why: two weeks ago, we had a pipe burst in our living room ceiling. It made a huge mess, collecting water in the ceiling until it burst out in a homemade waterfall directly on top of our entertainment center, soaking the main floor in over an inch of water, and merrily cascading into the basement.

Now, all things considered, if this was going to happen, it happened in the best possible way. For one, Mark was home. That meant the water got turned off and the clean up started immediately. And to show our geek priorities, sure, it probably destroyed the TV and all the game systems (still waiting on the insurance recovery people to find out for sure), but it did not destroy a single book. Of our massive collection of sci-fi and fantasy, old copies of Tolkien and tons of gaming books, the most that happened is that the cover of a copy of Demon: The Fallen got a little damp.

It wasn’t until I was talking about all of this with Mom that I realized something else: usually, I have tons of stuff on the floor of my craft room. Sewing and costume projects in process. Paperwork I haven’t filed. But because I had recently cleaned and been resolved to keep it clean, all that got wet from the seeping water was my new little corner of wood floor and a couple of charms I’d been sorting. Of the whole room, one pad of art paper may need to be thrown out. That’s it.

My craft room, post flooding, with stuff from the rest of the basement shoved into it to make room for drying.

The only thing is, having a house essentially taken apart is unexpectedly stressful. And effects my productivity. But now the craft room at least has been put back together, so I can seriously get to work on preparing for Dragon*Con.

But I want the rest of my house back to normal, damn it!


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